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Our kids today face many of the same health risks that we do, and while the symptoms may reveal themselves in much the same way, the treatment techniques that work well for grownups may not be appropriate for children.

Kids and Allergies

Allergies can cause numerous ear, nose, and throat problems in children. Kids with nasal allergies commonly have a history of sensitive tendencies that may include food allergies early in childhood or atopic dermatitis in infancy. Kids with nasal allergies are at greater risk for developing asthma.

Nasal allergies can trigger sneezing, itching, rubbing, nasal blockage and draining from the nose. Generally, allergic reactions are not the primary source of these symptoms in children under 4 years old. In sensitive kids, these signs are triggered by exposure to allergens (mainly pollens, dust, mold, and dander). Determining which season impacts your child the most is vital information to share with Dr. Peskind. Don’t let the next allergy season go by without seeking help, call us today to schedule a consultation with allergy specialist Dr. Peskind.

Sinusitis in Children

Sinuses are not totally developed until children reach their teen years. Even though the maxillary (behind the cheeks) and ethmoid (between the eyes) sinuses are small, they exist at birth. Pediatric sinus problems are hard to diagnose. Viral diseases and allergens can also trigger sinusitis symptoms. How can you tell if your child has a sinus infection?

  • A “cold” lasting more than 10 to 14 days (may include low-grade fever)
  • Thick drainage from the nose (typically yellow-green in color)
  • Post-nasal drip can lead to sore throat, cough, bad breath, nausea and/or vomiting
  • Children six or older may have headaches
  • Fatigue or irritability

* Swelling around the eyes

Children are much more susceptible to infections of the ear, nose, or throat, especially in the first few years of life. These infections are most often triggered by viral infections (colds), and may be worsened by allergens of all types. If your kid stays ill past a week to ten days, sinus infection could be the cause.

You can lower the probability of sinus infection for your children by decreasing their exposure to environmental allergies and pollutants such as tobacco smoke, minimizing their time at daycare, and dealing with stomach acid reflux illness.

Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear (acute otitis externa) is an unpleasant condition in children caused by swelling, infection, or irritation after water gets trapped inside the ear. Since this condition generally affects swimmers, it is referred to as swimmer’s ear. It typically affects kids and teenagers the most, but can also affect those with eczema (causes the skin to itch) or excess earwax. Dr. Peskind can prescribe treatment to decrease the pain and address the infection.

When moisture from any source (swimming, showers, baths) gets trapped in the ear canal, the bacteria that live on the skin begin multiplying, which triggers the symptoms of infection. Swimmer’s ear should be treated to minimize discomfort and prevent damage to your child’s hearing, as well as avoid the spread of infection.

Discover comprehensive pediatric ENT and allergy care with ENT doctor Steven Peskind, MD. Call 972-596-2552. Our pediatric patients come to us from Plano, Richardson, Frisco, McKinney, Dallas and surrounding areas.


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